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Thursday, March 02, 2006


yesterday, my trainer told me that humans are the only mammals that don't go into hibernation. i don't know if that's true, but i've instinctively gone into hibernation every winter since landing on this planet. i think most people know that about me. it also explains my low profile on my weblog... i just don't feel like "putting out" right now. during the winter months, especially now that i'm back on the EAST COAST, it's more about staying "inside" and recharging my battery.

plus, folks are gonna see enough of my ashy black ass during the spring and summer when i'll be out promoting the projects i'm currently working on. i saw a rough cut of "the movie" on tuesday and i couldn't be happier. it is funny as hell! LaHOMA fucking rocks the casbah, and LADY BUNNY is bound to be "put away" after the movie is released. CANDIS CAYNE pretty much steals the picture right out from under me, but a re-edit will fix that! (just kidding... sort of). and oh my dear, there are so many gratuitous, fat, juicy cock scenes in the movie, i can barely contain myself!

people have been asking about the 2 albums i'm working on. one is the remix album, which will feature songs from my back catalog and brand new songs. the other album is a soundtrack for the movie. the movie does have a name, but i won't divulge it until the spring.

i went out to BROOKLYN last night to watch PROJECT RUNWAY at ALISON'S house. everytime i see SANTINO RICE, i fall more and more in love with him. he is such a fucking star! he is the sexiest man on TV... well, him and that african guy on LOST (the one that used to be on OZ).



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