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Tuesday, April 09, 2002


alot of folks been writing in about wig and make-up tips. well, rather than going into it everytime someone asks, i usually refer them to my autobiography LETTIN IT ALL HANG OUT , which has a beauty chapter (available on this site in the ru-tique). but for ya’ll cheap ass niggaz who don’t wanna buy my book, here are a few tips. p.s i’m currently in the process of writing a beauty book.

there’s nothing i can tell you that will turn you into a genius make-up artist overnight. alls i can say is, get you some good brushes and practice. it doesn’t hurt to videotape or polaroid your experiments to study what works on you and what doesn’t.

i wear custom made synthetic lace front wigs that give the appearance of hair growing out of my scalp. the wig maker measures my scalp and traces my natural hairline to fit my face. the lace is barely visible on stage and on film, but can be clocked in person. to wear wigs in everyday life, you must wear a full face of make-up or else it looks odd. wigs must be carefully washed and conditioned regularly with murphy’s oil soap. i rarely feature human hair wigs, because they do not hold the hairstyle as long as synthetics do. to find lace front wig makers in your area look in the yellow pages or click here.

never wear high heels in soggy grass and never perm your own hair, but always do this.


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